New Construction

You’ve decided to custom build or want to buy new, awesome!  You are about to embark on an adventure you won’t soon forget.  Many people assume that they do not need a buyer’s agent and go directly to the builder to begin the process.  Unfortunately, this can lead to several unforeseen issues and headaches I am here to help you avoid!

Most builders pay attorneys to draft their contracts to protect their best interests, even more reason you should have someone looking out for you.  Having an advocate to negotiate on your behalf, review contract language, recommend inspectors (yes, you still should get an inspection with new construction), provide competitive lender and title resources and ensure a successful closing is really in your best interests.  The common misconception you will save money by going straight to the builder instead of having an agent is just not true.  Builders work for profit and have a built-in margin to pay for the buyer’s agent.  If you do not use an agent, it is more profit for them!

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