Katie did a wonderful job in helping us find our first home. She was so patient, replied promptly and always was willing to help. She did such an amazing job and I would definitely use her again when that time comes.

— Pa Zou

I have used Katie's services twice when purchasing a house and she has been nothing but patient with me and all of my questions, professional, and intuitive. There is no question that she has years of experience and knowledge, as she was able to take my wants and turn them into a reality.

— Lyle Castona

Katie is the consummate professional. We were not first time buyers and we were pretty sure what we were looking for but her advice and help were still invaluable throughout the buying process. She handled every step, including some really thorny complications that came up, very capably and was always responsive and reassuring. She would give us all the information we needed, give us her best advice with our priorities in mind so that we could make a good decision, then make it happen for us. Her knowledge, experience, and great communication made what could have been an ordeal into a done deal, and we wouldn't hesitate to call her next time we are thinking of entering the market.

— Person

It was great working with Katie. I honestly contacted her because of positive reviews on realtor.com and I was not disappointed. She very helpful throughout the whole process. She was very patient with us first time home buyers and helpful with negotiations and looking for warning signs in homes. I would definitely work with her again!

— Alex

Katie is dedicated, thorough, knowledgeable, and makes the home-buying process easy and fun. I would highly recommend her to help in the purchase or sale of your home - Katie listens to what it is you are looking for and will always keep your best interests in mind. Katie has many years of experience and it shows through her quality of work. We will always buy or sell with Katie!

— Kelly

Katie Draz Campbell has helped me buy and sell and I couldn't be happier. She knows the area like no other. Always on time. Nice, friendly, excellent people skills.. I would know I am a handful to deal with at times. She understands people of all walks of life and is always doing what's best for you not her or the company but what's best for you which people just don't do very often these days, so she's my Realtor for life.. Thanks

— Steve Schoolmeesters

I highly recommend Katie. She is very professional and was clearly acting in my best interests. She was of valuable help through the entire process. I would definitely use her and recommend her. Best real estate experience I've ever had!

— Anita Barton Hart

If you want someone who will walk you through everything and put their heart in it for you Katie is the one. She brought us through a short sale with ease. She is warm, enthusiastic and a go getter. Loved working with her and hope to again in the future.

— Kaity

Katie helped sell my home in 3 days with multiple offers! She understands the market and knew what it would take to make my property stand out. I appreciate her wisdom and experience as well as her attention to detail. I highly reccommend her services...buying or selling, you're in good hands!

— J.D.

Katie helped us sell our home in 4/2014 and did an excellent job. She is very knowledgeable and always answered our questions promptly. She also helped us get the most out of our sale! Very pleased!

— Nikki C

Katie did an exceptional job. Instead of waxing poetic, I'm just going to list the things she did that impressed me. -Met me for a showing on the house I eventually purchased during a raging blizzard. -Gave excellent advice on the price I should offer that saw me as the winning bid (still within my budget) against 18 other bidders. -Referred a great inspector to me -Handled negotiation to purchase furniture from the seller -Brought a great deal of construction knowledge that other realtors do not have -Gave her honest opinion of each house (mainly how terrible some of them were) Please note that I've known a lot of realtors over the years, and she is the first I'd definitely refer to others.

— B. Robbins

Want to buy a house call KATIE. I have bought a few houses over the past years with Katie from the first one in 2010 to the last one I just got in Dec 2016 . Fantastic realtor, I truly wouldn't use anyone but her. She is on your side 100% and fights for what you want and your best interests. Thanks so much!

— Mike Isaacson

Katie helped my wife and I buy a home in the Metro Twin Cities. We were living several hundred miles away at the time , so entered into the purchase of a home from a distance with a bit of apprehension. The process went amazingly well, but not without a lot of good work on Katie's part. Ms. Draz Campbell is a solid, capable, trustworthy professional who helped us through the stages of a home purchase with confidence. We would highly recommend her.

— G & P Peters

I have bought and sold two houses with Katie. Not only is she fun to see houses with (great personality!) but she is extremely knowledgeable. It is also clear that she had our best interest at heart. As a buyer, she helped us select a house that truly met our needs, and explained the process very well all the way through. As a seller, she took wonderful pictures and marketed the property in such a way that both times we got great offers within the first weekend on the market. I highly recommend Katie if you are buying or selling a house. If you want someone who is on your side, she's the best choice.

— Shannon

Katie was fantastic to deal with at every stage of our search. Her experience helped us find a house we loved that fits our needs now and will be in a great spot for resale. Katie has helped me buy two houses and sell another so far and I couldn't ask for a better realtor.

— Matt

If you are seeking a professional real estate agent who will effectively help you market your home and ultimately provide you an advantage when negotiating terms, then I highly recommend Katie. She did a wonderful job advising us how to prepare our home, recommending an accurate price, providing counseling during the ebbs/flows of the process, and sealing the deal. We received multiple offers on Thanksgiving Day and she successfully negotiated the terms over the holiday. Our experience with her was a great example of her dedication to her clients and her skill in navigating the process. Not all real estate agents are created equal, so make sure you take time to meet with Katie to learn how she will help you sell your home and help you maximize your profit.

— B. Tetreault

Katie did a great job of guiding me through the short sale process. She was very quick to respond when I had questions, so I always felt confident that we were heading in the right direction. Best of all, she anticipated many of the complications that can arise in a short sale, and dealt with them in advance.

— M. Kelly

For the last 4 months of my life, much of my free time has been spent searching for a home in the Minneapolis area. My wife and I are newly weds and we knew our budget for a home was tight. However, we were committed to finding the right deal for ourselves even if it took some time. Throughout the process we had many ups and downs riding the emotional roller coaster of a house search. "We found the one!" "Nevermind, it sold already. Here is the one! Oh, wait the kitchen is the size of a coffee can." Although it was discouraging at times we hung in there and in the end found a deal that had everything on our list, all for 5 thousand dollars less then we budgeted. It was quite a find. After overcoming one or two more hurdles I can happily report that we are scheduled to close August 10th! Throughout this process we worked with many individuals, however one stood far above the rest. This was our Realtor Katie. Over a period of months her hardwork and dedication earned not just our business but our respect. As I thought more about the experience and what made it stand out from the rest, I realized that we as owners and managers of businesses can learn a lot from people like Katie who by their actions make a real difference in the lives of their customers. Katie performed exceptionally well in the following four key areas: Communication: Without asking she was always updating us with the latest news. She responded to her phone and emails quickly and consistently. She made time to talk with us and hear our desires without us ever feeling like we were wasting her time. Honesty & Trust: These two work hand in hand. Trust is honesty over time. Katie never held back. She was tactful but told things as they were, not how she thought we'd like to hear them. If she didn't know something, she did not pretend like she did. It gave us real peace of mind to be able to trust her to take care of the details we were inexperienced with. Knowledgable: These two work hand in hand. Trust is honesty over time. Katie never held back. She was tactful but told things as they were, not how she thought we'd like to hear them. If she didn't know something, she did not pretend like she did. It gave us real peace of mind to be able to trust her to take care of the details we were inexperienced with. Hardwork: Every 2-3 days I would get a whole new set of listings to go through. When something came up we were interested in she was ready to jump in her truck and meet us at a moment's notice. When we went to close, she made special visits to our house, caught up to us at restaurants, whatever it took to move the deal forward. We never signed an exclusivity agreement at the beginning, because we never had a need to. From the start she worked so quickly and methodically we would never have considered anyone else. She never showed any visible signs or concerns about getting paid. She took it on faith that working hard on the right things, would ultimately produce the results she desired. Despite outside influences, both positive and negative, Katie consistently delivered her best efforts. This naturally led to our desired outcome, which led to her desired outcome. Not everything was perfectly rosy. There were plenty of disappointments along the way. However, all things considered our Realtor Katie, did a stand up job for us from beginning to end and we would recommend her to anyone. Seeing what someone does in specific situations can be quite valuable if you are in that specific situation yourself. For real estate agents this is a great model to follow. However there are also universal lessons that can be gleaned from this example for all people in any situation. A person like Katie is not successful by accident. She is successful because she has weaved certain beneficial habits and practices into her character. If markets go up or down, Katie will continue to do well because she focuses on doing the little things correctly, day in and day out. When positive traits become daily habits, results have a way of taking care of themselves. This is a lesson we can all benefit from. When we open our eyes and honestly examine our own habits and character there are things each of us do well, and things that each of us can do better. Building character is the process of keeping the habits we desire and removing those we do not. Examining a respected colleague or mentor is a great place to discover positive characteristics.

— Jason W.

I really honestly could not have done this without Katie, she started out as my realtor, answering me back on a showing request...and did an amazing job!!! With the hurdles that we encountered- she was right there by my side every step of the way! ... I consider her a friend now. ... I Thank you tremendously!! You Rock!

— H. Hilger